Votes Matter

The BC general election is now underway.  Soon, amidst the clamour of speech and promise, a springtime flowering of lawn signs, and energetic people campaigning through our neighbourhoods, around the edges we will hear that old refrain:  “I’m just one person!  My vote doesn’t matter!  Why bother?”

But whose vote counts more?  If you don’t vote, everyone who does speaks volumes to your silence;  if you do, then no vote counts more.  It’s really that simple.

Your vote doesn’t just count when you’ve voted for the winning side, or because it’s the first one or the last one counted.  Every vote counts the same, providing it actually makes it into the ballot box.  It takes one to become two, and two to become three, and who knows where it will all end?

What matters is casting that vote in the first place, according to what you think is the right choice, according to your values, and your understanding of issues, candidates, leaders, and events.  Vote for whomever you want to win, according to what you want to happen, not according to whomever you think will win.  Give it your best shot, and walk away proud.

When those “just one votes that don’t matter” are actually cast we find a serious force to be reckoned-with;  a loud, strong, voice that matters a great deal.

The election is on.  Voting in free and fair elections is a celebration of our democracy;  it is how we all help make it work, and how at the same time we can, each and every one of us, stand-up to all those repressive regimes around the world where it’s not so.  Make it so, here.

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