Leadership Race Gets Interesting

Further to the Now Coquitlam editorial  (December 7) “Leadership Race Gets Interesting.” Indeed it is so. And I must add that it is interesting in other ways, too, besides the field of competent, capable, and interesting Leadership candidates — for it is not just “the Liberals” who will choose who will lead us going forward and into the next election, and who could (dare I say!) become the next Prime Minister of Canada.

We have in fact opened this to the Canadian public  — you don’t have to be a Liberal to vote on who will lead us!

This is a first for Canada, federally, anyway, and part of our on-going process of renewing our connection with Canadians at large: if you’re 18 or over and not a member of another Federal party, you, too, can have your say.

I encourage you go to: http://www.liberal.ca, and register (free of charge); as a Supporter, so that you can participate in this important decision. The vote will be conducted on-line in the weeks leading up to the announcement of the new Leader in April, 2013.

Democracy works best when we’re all informed, and we’re all involved. Please do share in this on-going saga of Canadian democracy.

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