Nous sommes ensemble dans cette

In confronting this COVID-19 outbreak, this rapidly evolving global challenge, we are working closely with all levels of government and public health agencies, as well as governments abroad and relevant international organizations.

We are building on well-established protocols and procedures based on comprehensive experience and lessons well learned over the years in previous outbreaks.

This means taking appropriate actions at appropriate times, following the science and sound medical advice, and not getting carried away by fear or panic.

We continue to consult and to listen to the best advice of scientists and public health officials who are experts in managing infectious disease outbreaks of this kind.

We’re in good shape.

But in all of this, it is essential that you understand that tu are critical in this effort. You.

Each and every one of us, en fait,, must do our own part to manage and slow the spread of this virus, so that our public health systems do not get overwhelmed (#FlattenTheCurve).

In doing this we can continue to protect the most vulnerable among us:

    If you have COVID-19 symptoms (voir ci-dessus):  Dial 811

    • To contact your public health unit
    • For testing and next actions as appropriate, et
    • Follow instructions.
  1. Stay home, particularly if you are sick.
  2. Wash your hands regularly (soap and wateryou don’t need costly antiseptic wipes), and avoid touching your face with un-washed hands.
  3. Limit physical contact such as shaking hands.
  4. Maintain social distance. This doesn’t mean locking yourself in your homeAnd let’s remember as well that we’re all in this togetherdo keep an eye out for how and when you can help your neighbours.
  5. Wipe down frequently touched surfaces, et
  6. Avoid large gatherings.

Working together we can manage this outbreak and keep our loved-ones and neighbours safe.

Our government is ready and committed to support you.

We have already implemented economic sustenance and relief measures, and we will be doing more as needed.

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