Justin Time

It’s fun to see Messrs Radia and Nelson (Tri-City News, November 30) weighing-in on Justin Trudeau’s candidacy for Leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada.

We must be careful, however, in seeing any particular candidacy as implying anything at all about “the Liberals.” Any given candidacy speaks only to that person’s own positions and platform, and not to the Liberal Party itself. That day will come, when, or if, a given candidate is in fact elected as Leader, but not until.

But there will be no “coronation.” The winning candidate, whomsoever that might be, will have earned his or her place, for, while Mr Trudeau is indeed a strong candidate and his campaign well underway and thriving, there are many other notable, strong, and viable candidates in the field.

In his glib musings Mr Radia does, however, pose the salient question: “Is this the man Canadians want as their prime minister?”

This is indeed up to Canadians at large, most particularly, now, in choosing the next Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. For “the Liberals” are not making this decison on our own; we have opened it to the general population — you don’t have to be a member to vote on who will lead us.

This is a first for Canada, part of our process of renewing our connection with Canadians: if you’re 18 or over and not a member of another federal party, you can have your say. I encourage everyone to go to: http://www.liberal.ca and register as a Supporter, so that you, too, can be part of this historic decision.

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