Hon. James Flaherty

Hon. James Flaherty

The Hon. James Flaherty 1949-2014
(Parliament of Canada website)

It was with regret that I learned last week of the sudden passing of the Hon. James Flaherty, who, until resigning a few weeks ago to pursue a more private life with his family, was Canada’s Minister of Finance — Canada’s longest-serving Finance Minister, some say.

While I did not agree with many of Mr. Flaherty’s policies and decisions as Minister of Finance, and, given our differences in political perspective that was likely always going to be the case, it is, nevertheless, most appropriate and right to recognize and to acknowledge the long years in which he laboured to do his best for his constituents, his province and, latterly, his country, and to thank him for those many years of dedicated public service.

On my own behalf, and, as President of the Coquitlam — Port Coquitlam Federal Liberal Association, on behalf of our membership, I offer condolences to Mr. Flaherty’s family, friends, colleagues, and supporters.

It is times such as these that inspire us to remember what is important, and how quickly that can change.

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