Due Respect

“Canada’s veterans’ benefits are in jeopardy.  For Nov 11, show that Canada cares about its veterans.  The Conservative government has already announced cuts of $226 million from Veterans Affairs Canada, hurting the department’s ability to deliver the compensation and benefits our veterans rely on.  And this is in addition to $175 — 350 million in ‘Strategic Review’ cuts the department must make starting next year…  ” — http://petition.liberal.ca/veterans-deserve-better/

Stand forth for us.  Bear our banner.  Face our enemies.  Witness for us the pain and the horror.  Win the day.

And when you return, wounded in body, mind, and soul from what no one should endure, but which you have confronted in courage and honour — we will be there, we say, in gratitude, to help you bear the burden you have shouldered for us.

But this sacred covenant is broken.  And it is our shame.  This is not the place to balance the books, on the blood and bones of our veterans.  This is the place to balance our debt.

It’s not about whether we “believe” in war.  War wreaks its wrath of destruction and death whether we believe or not.  And it’s not about partisan politics.  It is about respecting and defending those who stand with us, and for us, against our peril.

I call upon you all, each and every one, to take action — to demand of your government to honour our veterans in full dignity and respect, not miserly disdain.  It is only right.

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