Amnesty International Call for G20 Review

I have joined my support online to the Amnesty International petition calling for an Independent Review of G20 Security Procedures, with the following personal comments:

Canada prides itself as a leader in human rights, and struts its stuff on the world stage as a bastion of freedom.  But the apparent break-down during the G20 of some of our most fundamental and essential rights specifically named in the Charter, is deeply troubling.  It speaks to the evolution of these “rights” that help define the boundaries of our civil society as but “privileges” to be granted and revoked at the convenience of authority.  But there is no freedom without human rights.

This is a matter of the gravest concern.  The torch of freedom was passed to us, a legacy and a sacred trust.  It is ours to hold high.  Let us indeed not break faith with those who died.  Let us honour the fallen of old, and yet to fall in the age old battle for freedom.

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